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Hello and training question

Posted by arinwolfe on 2012.01.16 at 14:28
I'm a new cat momma (two domestic shorthair rescues) and a dog momma. 
Do you  lovely people have any good resources on training cats, particularly ones that are completely unphaseable. (example: conventional wisdom says to sprey a cat with a water bottle when its somewhere you don't want it to be, My torti? she likes it. ) 
Forgive me if I sound a little clueless, I sort of am. I've never had cats before. 

Other than being  hard to train, she's a breeze to work with (likes being picked up, can easily be put in a carrier to vet, likes my dog even)

Wow, just noticed the last post here is about a year old. Leaving question up, but sorry for not noticing. Came over from stupidpetowners

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infinite // energies
Posted by oraien on 2010.12.06 at 14:26
Hi guys - I have a sort of 'no-brainer' question that I would like some input on.

We are a three cat house, at this point. All of our babies are up to date on shots and fixed. My boyfriend has one cat and I have two - we share the house and all the cats get along.

What criteria would you use to decide if you have "enough" cats that would help let you know if another cat might be too many. The BF fell in love with a rescue kitty at one of those adoption agencies locally. The little dear is AMAZINGLY sweet, tiny even at 7-months, has been tested for FIV and all that and vaccinated, is fixed... he's adorable. I think he'd fit in just fine but the BF is worried about it all.

So, what criteria can we use to measure the house-hold for candidacy of adopting another kitty?

If I left out any important information about our situation, let me know and I'll fill you in.

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*is this thing on?* Older cat yowling

Posted by papilio_luna on 2010.11.17 at 12:55
I've got a question that seemed too trivial for spo_prevention , so I'm bringing it here:

Kay is my 16-year-old kitty. She's a thoroughly delightful creature and I've had her since she was foisted upon me by an irresponsible house-mate in her kittenhood. She's FIV+ (and has been most of her life) but is healthy as a horse, indoor-only, eats Wellness dry food, has immaculate litterbox behaviour and shows no signs of any infirmity or illness. She lives with 2 dogs, who aren't her favourite things in the universe, but they tolerate one another when it comes to important matters like bed real estate.

This year, though, she's started yowling at night. Like, really loud. Normally she communicates in peeps and squeaks (she's never meowed—I don't think she ever quite learned how), and if you walk in on her mid-yowl, she'll turn around and squeak at you, as per normal. She has never made those sorts of noises before, and at first I was super distressed, thinking she had injured herself or was requiring something urgently (such as the bedroom door opened for Her Highness), but every time I went to investigate, I found her happy as a clam, ready to squeak all about it with me and roll around on the floor making air-muffins. I've never been able to observe her doing this, because she only does it when she's alone in "her" room.

At first I thought it could be that her hearing was going, because my parents' elderly cat started screaming up a storm when she started going deaf (by the time she died, she was absolutley stone deaf), because she couldn't hear herself, but I've tested Kay and her hearing seems just fine. Her ears swivel and she responds to noises the same as she always has.

So, I'm pretty sure this isn't an issue that requires me to really flip out over it, hence my post here and not at a more health-care-oriented community. But, has anyone ever experienced a similar change in vocalising and anyone have any stabs as to what might have brought it on?

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Cat biting?

Posted by evewithanapple on 2010.09.05 at 02:17
My parents have six cats- a mom who we took in, and the litter she turned out to be carrying. They've lived with us their entire lives (a year and a half) and most of them are the sweetest-natured animals you could ever see. They've never been abused, or given any reason to dislike or distrust people. Basically, there's no reason that I can see for them to lash out.

Some of them will bite while playing, but one goes further than that. He'll bite without provocation- often when he's being patted. And I don't think it's an attempt to make the attention stop, because he'll frequently jump up next to you, meow for attention, and then bite when you extend a hand to pat him. And while his siblings never bite hard- they don't do more than nip- he chomps down, and you have to shake to get him off. Sometimes he grabs you with his paws while biting, sometimes he doesn't. Scolding, saying "NO," tapping him gently on the head- nothing seems to deter him. If we withdraw attention, he just waits until we start patting again and bites. Is there any way to stop him from behaving like this? Or anything that might be causing it?

Possible Stray Cat In Dundee, UK

Posted by spun_silk_belle on 2010.05.10 at 04:33
Current Location: United Kingdom, Dundee
Current Mood: worriedworried
Hi all. I found this place through SPO and I was wondering if I could get some advice. I know I should have asked here earlier but I can’t change that so here it goes.

TL;DR - There's this cat that's always around, I don't know if it's a stray or not, could someone maybe confirm this for me based on the information under the cut?Collapse )

Based on the information above, it could be that she does have a home and just hangs out here for the food or she’s one hell of a lucky stray. The nearest vet is a fair trek from here as well plus when I initially went to ask for advice the woman behind the desk laughed at me and just told me to ignore it. This pretty much deterred me from going back there to try again but at this stage, I'm desperate. On Tuesday, I have my final exam and afterwards I’m leaving the Villas for good. It’s stupid and I know it’s not my cat but I just want to make sure she’s okay before I go because she’s stolen my damn heart.

So, thoughts and opinions? If I can extend the time I’ll be here for, I’m going to see if I can get one of my roommates to drive me to the vet and ask them to scan her for a microchip. But I'd really appriciate it if someone could maybe confirm or deny that she's a stray or not based on what I've told you.

[EDIT as of 10/05/10] - Asked the front desk about the cat and they told me that she's been hanging around for about two and a half years. Even though her owner has never come by the Villas, based on all this she probably does have a home to go to. That's a weight off my mind.

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Cat Nutrition Poll?

Posted by darksong17 on 2009.12.08 at 00:16
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
I figured it'd be fun to see how everyone goes about feeding their cats. Who's up for a cat nutrition poll?

Feel free to answer as many or as few of the poll's questions as you like!

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Help! Under attack

Posted by burningembers6 on 2009.10.24 at 17:24
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
So I live with someone that has a cat.He's about a year and a half old.This person seem to be drinking too much.I have seem them yell or swat at the cat a few times.The cat will do the whole latching on when you pet him.But he will also attack when he is not approached.A few hours ago I was totally ignoring him in the kitchen.Then he lunged at me!He jumped as high as my bra band and held on with his claws.The person I live with recently took in a new puppy that needed a home.

So why is the cat acting this way?and can I save him?Could it be mistreatment?Could it be an illness?Jealousy of the puppy(even though he was acting strange prior)?I don't think it's over stimulation or playing......if I'm not approaching him first.

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New cat not settling in terribly well

Posted by misslynx on 2009.02.09 at 02:42
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Hi there,

Just joined this community, as I'm currently having a cat problem and looking for a little advice...

My eldest cat died a few weeks ago, and I just adopted a new cat to keep my surviving younger cat company, as she'd never been an only cat before and seemed really sad and lonely. The new cat is a three-year-old spayed female, who I got from a friend of a friend, and she seemed really sweet and affectionate and mellow, so I thought she might be a good companion for my other cat.

Now, I have enough cat experience to know that there's always a little friction when a new cat joins a household in which there's already at least one cat present. And I know you just have to ride it out and give them a chance to get used to each other. So I was prepared for a little drama. I also have a dog, though my dog is quite used to cats and the new cat is used to living with a dog, so I didn't anticipate too many problems there.

And in fact, there hasn't been much friction at all - a bit of hissing at each other from a safe distance, but no fighting and really not a whole lot of contact between them. The new cat has been mostly staying in the bedroom, and my other cat has been mostly staying out of there. The dog seemed to be keeping a very watchful eye on the new cat for a while, but mostly seems to have settled down and accepted her now.

What there has been, however, is three instances in as many days of the new cat using my bed as a litterbox! Even when she had a perfectly good litterbox right there in the same room. The first two times were both on Friday - she pooped right in front of my pillow in the afternoon, and then, after I'd stripped the bed and hauled everything to the laundromat and washed it all, and then remade the bed and was just getting ready to go to bed for the night, she peed on it. Saturday and most of Sunday were uneventful, and she had seemed to be settling in and becoming happy and relaxed. Saturday night when I went to bed, the new cat came and cuddled up next to me and the dog, and all seemed well. But then this evening she peed on the bed again! Not in the same spot as the first time, either, so I know it's not just that there was some residual scent left after washing everything.

I'm really not sure what to do. Her previous owner said she'd never done this before, not even after moving households, so it's not something usual for her. I figure it must be a stress reaction of some sort, but she's not acting terribly stressed, and as I mentioned, hasn't really had any sort of serious clashes with my other cat or with the dog. She gives every impression of being happy and relaxed. And yet...

I live in a fairly small one-bedroom apartment, so there isn't really a separate room I can confine her to as some people on my journal have suggested. The only rooms with doors are the bedroom, which is where she's causing the problems now, and the bathroom, which hasn't got any heat of its own, so it would be freezing cold if I shut her in there.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do about this? Or how much of this I should put up with before I decide that maybe she's just not happy here and give her back to her previous owner? :-(



Posted by luckynorth on 2008.09.12 at 12:53
So currently the way I solve the don't scratch furniture is to cover my furniture with draping sheets. The cats don't seem to want to scratch when they can't see the cool woven texture - don't know why this works but it does.

Does anyone have any suggestions if I'm in the market for a new chair for material? Do cats ignore microfiber chairs? Or does everyone just get their cats to use scratching posts anyways so it doesn't matter. I think leather would go scratch proof - cats like texture beneath their paws to scratch up. to mimic trees where they can leave their scent.

I took Teeti outside and she could not get enough of scratching up this cedar tree... They have a flat scratchy box but I need to get more trees with sisal rope, etc.

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If you live in Pittsburgh, PA

Posted by papilio_luna on 2008.08.06 at 13:08
Please go visit my personal LJ for information on protesting the new Petland opening in East Liberty.
Thank you.

x-posted, sorry for your flists :)

calamity/atlantis otp
Posted by x5_536 on 2008.07.27 at 16:09
Current Mood: coldcold
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hi. i'm looking to adopt a cat. i've had cats as pets before but it was in a different country and under very different living arrangements (i was living in a big house with large yard spaces etc and the cats could get in and out as they pleased) so i am a bit worried about getting an "indoor cat".

i currently live in an apartment, without any cat flaps (and there probably won't be any in the foreseeable future), without any yard/garden area, situated on a heavy traffic four lane highway. so i would essentially have to get a cat used to being indoor, particularly since i wouldn't be able to let them back in during the day as i don't get home until 7pm on weekdays. My sister, who lives with me, might be more flexible with that as she's still a student, but has a very busy social life and is generally not home.

what i want to know is, what is everyone's experiences with living in apartments and indoor cats?

should i just forget about it?

should i let the cat out in the morning knowing that they'll be susceptible to traffic (one of my cats has been in a traffic accident before so i'm terrified of this happening again!) and won't be able to get back in until i get back home?

or am i just over-worrying because i've never had experienced with indoor cats etc? i just think the cat would be terribly bored/depressed all alone inside all day but i'm worried about letting them out due to where i live.

any advice and thoughts are welcome, thank you very much.


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Seeking feedback on cat loss/bereavement support

Posted by dances_withcats on 2008.06.22 at 10:40
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
It's come to my attention that readers of my weekly cat advice column, Paws and Effect have a real need for a venue in which to talk about losing their feline friends. My most-commented column was about the sudden death of a cat friend, and I've received a number of comments and e-mails from people who are really suffering as a result of their cat's death.

I'd like some feedback from you on what Paws and Effect can do to help people who are dealing with a cat friend's death or facing that issue in the future due to a terminal illness or simply from old age.

What would you like to see in a venue such as this and how would you like it to be executed?

Would you like to have a forum in which you can post publicly about your situation and ask for support?

How about a LiveJournal community or other blog area where you can post about stuff like this? (I would like this to be open and accessible to people outside of LJ's membership.)

Would you like a separate blog where you can discuss issues specific to pet loss and illness?

Is there some way I haven't thought of that we can support you?

Are there readers out there who would be willing to contribute articles or posts, or serve as moderators?

I know there are a number of sites out there dealing with pet loss, but perhaps you would prefer something more specifically geared to cat issues. I'm not a professional counselor, but I am a layperson who know personally about the pain of losing a cat companion. I'd welcome assistance from veterinarians, counselors or other professionals who would like to contribute to such a forum. I can't pay you, of course; I don't even pay myself. But if this is something you'd like to help with on a volunteer basis, we'd be delighted.

Thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you with your ideas.

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UPDATE: Stubby's surgery scheduled for July 2nd!

Posted by surgery4stubby on 2008.06.21 at 15:27
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Because of the overwhelmingly positive response and generosity of family and friends old and new, and the fact that we are thisclose to reaching our goal, I've scheduled Stubby's surgery for July 2nd!

So, the last day to donate via PayPal will be June 27th! Donations made directly to the vet's office can be made all the way through July 2nd.

If you've already donated, THANK YOU!!
Visit www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby

UPDATE: Reaching out for support...

Posted by surgery4stubby on 2008.06.17 at 22:20
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
What a wonderful day today! Not only did Dr. Crocker's office agree to accept donations on Stubby's behalf (see my earlier posts for that info), we raised $250! Much of that $250 came from the support of the LJ communities, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

Since the fundraising is going so well (we're only about $250 short of our goal!), I was able to go ahead and schedule Stubby's surgery for July 2nd. He's having his bloodwork done next week, and I'm hopeful that we'll have a reason for why his teeth are in such bad shape.

I'm very grateful for and encouraged by all the positive feedback I've gotten...even the negative feedback has helped me to improve the way I'm doing things, so that's awesome.

So, if you've already donated, THANK YOU!! And if you haven't, please consider it...if you're unable to, prayers and well-wishes are accepted, too :-)

♥ Ria
Visit www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby for more info!

UPDATE: Reaching out for support...

Posted by surgery4stubby on 2008.06.17 at 11:47
I recently posted a fund-raising request for donations to help cover the costs of extensive dental surgery for Stubby, a sweet little guy I'm fostering. Several folks suggested that they'd feel more comfortable donating directly to the vet's office than to me, which I understand completely. I thought that was a great idea, so I contacted my vet's office today, and they've graciously agreed to accept check and/or credit/debit card donations on Stubby's behalf.

Checks can be made payable to Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic. Please be sure to reference 'Account #30919' in the check's memo field.

Credit/debit card donations can be taken over the phone by calling (937) 435-3262. Again, please be sure to reference Account #30919. Their mailing address is:

Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic
5655 Bigger Rd.
Kettering, OH 45440

Thank you so much to those who have already donated!

Ria Kapluck

Reaching out for support...

Posted by surgery4stubby on 2008.06.15 at 13:53
My name is Ria, and I've created an LJ on behalf of a sweet little guy named Stubby. A friend asked me to provide a temporary home for Stubby, as well as try to find him a forever home, and I was happy to oblige. I knew that Stubby hadn't been to the vet in a few years, and would need to be caught up on his vaccinations and receive a clean bill of health before I could find a forever home for him.

However, when I took him in for his exam, the doctor determined that his oral health was deteriorated to such an extent that Stubby would need to undergo extensive surgery to extract all of his teeth and repair the damage to his gums and jawbones. As you can imagine, that kind of surgery is very, very expensive, and I if I had the means to pay for it on my own, I would do so in a heartbeat. That's where you come in...

I've created a website called www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby, where you can learn a little more about Stubby as well as make donations in any amount to help cover the cost of the surgery. For every $5 donated, you'll receive an entry in the Thank You Raffle for a chance at the Grand Prize of a $50 SuperCertificate to www.GiftCertificates.com

My fundraising goal is $1,200...any money raised that exceeds the goal amount will be donated to SICSA (The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals, which is a wonderful no-kill shelter here in Kettering, Ohio.

I'm asking for your support as I try to improve Stubby's life. Several people have told me to "just put him down, it's not worth it"...as far as I'm concerned, this is not an option. He's only four years old, and with this surgery, will lead a long, happy life. Please consider donating...even $1 will help! Even if all you can do is share the website with your friends and fellow animal lovers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for all the work you do to help our furry friends! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

I want to make it very clear that my one and only goal in creating the website and corresponding LJ is to raise the funds necessary to get Stubby on the road to health and happiness. I am not affiliated with any shelter or rescue group...I'm just one person trying to make a difference in one animal's life, in any way that I can.

Ria K.

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Update and question

Posted by mcsassypants on 2008.05.29 at 10:58
Hi all,
I thought I'd give you an update on our wee Christina, since every time we had a problem involving her, I turned here.
After my last post, she started to do better, started eating and in general being happier, but about two months later, took another downturn and after long discussions with our vet about quality of life and what to expect from her healthwise in the future, we had her put to sleep. She was rather unique in many ways and I'll miss her a lot (although I won't miss the meds, or the "surprises" that she'd leave on the bathroom floor).

So, this brings the total number of cats in our house down to two. My husband's cat Rascal and our roommate's cat Hamish.
Rascal's as healthy as could be, but Hamish has a weird behavioral problem that I've been meaning to post about but haven't gotten around to until now.

Hamish is in many, many ways a very typical black and white cat. He's so mellow its kinda insane what he puts up with. If he were a person, he'd be the stereotypical stoner surfer guy who says "Dude" a lot.
However, he overgrooms his belly to the point where there's sores. And these sores don't heal, just as we think he's improving, he'll reopen everything. Turtle (our roommate) has taken him to the vet and they didn't really give her a great answer. They basically said that it's probably an allergy thing, but it's not hurting him so there's nothing they could really do.
We're about 2 seconds away from putting a cone on his head for a couple of weeks to see if that'll help.
Has anyone dealt with this sort of thing? Any suggestions?

Maynard pen

Introducing new pets

Posted by neaira on 2008.03.30 at 21:38
Hello, I have an almost 1-year old Siamese mix named Ares. Today we adopted a dog from the local shelter. Ares is not amused. Does anyone have any tips on how to make this transition easier for him? Our dog, Corbin, is very interested in him and hasn't displayed any aggression. My guess is that once Ares comes out and Corbin has a chance to properly sniff him, things will be good. But, having not done this for awhile, I need some advice/people telling me if will be okay in time. :P


UTI Prevention

Posted by mcsassypants on 2008.03.19 at 09:51
Hi All,
So here's the problem we're having with the wee Christina. She's a 15 year old silver persian with hyperthyroid and kidney disease (and a heart murmur and bad teeth. Yeah. She's not doing too terribly well). She went into the vet yesterday for her 2nd UTI this year. She's been getting one or two UTIs for the past 3 years or so, and I'm wondering what I can do to prevent another one for occurring.
I know there's special foods out there, but...there's a problem. She's lost so many teeth that she's strictly on wet foods only (she'll try to eat the dry food that's out for the other two cats, but she tends to inhale it and vomit it up later) and the only high quality renal diet food I can find (Royal Canin) has the chunky kind of soft food and she'll lick up the gravy but won't eat the chunks. And right now, she's down to 4.4 lbs (from 5.2 six months ago. 4 years ago she was 8.5 lbs. SIGH).

She was on the Royal Canin Renal kibble for a while, but stopped eating it after a month or so. After consulting with our vet, we decided it was better to try and keep some weight on her rather than continue with the special diet. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that I may need to revisit the idea of switching to some sort of kidney specific food and maybe switching to Science Diet (which I'm not thrilled about doing. I read one of the labels of their canned foods once; it's got "animal digest" in it...)

So, I guess I have two questions:
1. Do any of you have UTI prone cats? What do you do to prevent them?

2. Any recommendations for canned food for a cat with kidney disease? Something easily chewable?

Also, some of her weight should come back soon. Part of the reason why she's lost so much weight recently is because her kidneys can no longer rid her body of phospherous, so it's been building up in her system, making her feel pretty queasy. Our vet, yesterday, recommended that we put some mylanta in her food several times a day to help get rid of the phospherous, so hopefully we should see her start to eat more again. *crosses fingers*

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