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practicalcats's Journal

Practical Cats
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Cat lovers from all over are invited to share their stories, pictures, and ask questions for other cat owners here! This is a place where knowledge trumps ignorance, where outdated thinking is challenged, where anyone's ideas and opinions are welcome... but so is rebuttal of those ideas.

1. Active and lively debate is welcome and encouraged. No one will ever be banned for having an opinion, regardless of who disagrees with it. Feel free to make whatever comments you would like about someone's ideas or opinions, but do not insult, critique, or harass other members.

For example:

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard," is completely acceptable, as you are discussing an idea.

"You are the dumbest person I have ever met," is not, it is speaking of the other person, not their ideas.

2. No spamming the boards. Advertisement for other cat related communities is fine, but mass off-topic spam is not.

3. No trolling.

4. Pictures are allowed and loved, but please use common courtesy. Any picture bigger than 500 pixels wide should go behind a cut, and any pictures after the first one should be cut.

5. While cross-posting definitely isn't discouraged, common courtesy is appreciated (e.g. using the cut feature for pictures, large amounts of text, etc.).